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X-Men, Season 1: Episode 2, Exotic Hunter

Kitty woke up rather late. She looked over at Ororo's bed to see it perfectly made without even the tiniest wrinkle in the sheets. "Great." Kitty commented. "I've got a neat freak for a roommate." Then, she heard a knock at her door. "Kitty? Are you up?" Jean asked from the other side.
"Yeah. I'll be right out." Kitty said. A few minutes later, Kitty walked through the door without opening it. "Look's like your gifts are settling in nicely." Jean noted.
"Yeah, I guess." Kitty said. "It still feels pretty weird, though."
"Don't worry. You'll get used to it." Jean said.
"Where's Warren?" Bobby asked.
"He's not a morning person." Kurt said.
"Good morning, everyone." Xavier said as he wheeled into the kitchen.
"Good morning, Professor." Everyone replied.
"Another new student came in last night and I would like you to greet him with a smile." Xavier said. "He just flew in from Russia yesterday and has had a long trip."
"We'll be sure to show him around after breakfast, Professor." Scott said.
"Thank you, Scott." Xavier replied. Logan walked in, right on schedule, grabbed his breakfast sandwiches and threw them in the microwave. He looked over at Kurt and said, "You ready for our training session today, Smokey?"
"I didn't know I vould be training against you today." Kurt said.
"No, no. You ain't ready for that." Logan corrected. "I'm going to be instructing you today."
"Which he still isn't ready for." Bobby laughed under his breath. Dr. McCoy walked into the room with a big smile on his face. "Hello, everybody!" He said enthusiastically.
"Where were you yesterday, Hank?" Logan asked.
"I went to go see my old friend, Dr. Banner." Dr. McCoy said. "He's made several major breakthroughs in gamma radiation since my last visit."
"Yeah. Sounds interesting." Bobby said with a glazed look in his eyes. Then, a tall, muscular guy walked into the room. "Dobraye utro." He said.
"Good morning." Xavier replied. "Everybody. I'd like you to meet Piotr Rasputin, our newest student."
"Good morning, Piotr." Scott said. "My name is Scott, but you can call me Cyclops."
"Pryvet, Cyclops." Piotr replied. "I apologize, but I have not learned much English."
"That's fine." Scott said. Bobby held his hand out for a handshake and said, "Hi, I'm Bobby, but you can call me Iceman."
"Pryvet, Iceman." Piotr said as he shook Bobby's hand. Then, Kitty, Jean, and Ororo walked into the kitchen. "Well. I'm going to watch my Friday morning cartoons." Bobby got up and went into the parlor with Scott close behind. "I'm going outside to stretch my wings." Warren said.
"Ok, but don't go near the bird feeders." Kurt joked.
"Haha. Real funny." Warren said as he went upstairs to go on the balcony.
"So, vhat do you call da vinged boy?" Piotr asked.
"It's not official, but I think ve call him Angel." Kurt answered.
"I still think we should call 'im Big Bird." Logan suggested.
"So, what's your name?" Jean asked.
"I am Piotr Rasputin." Piotr said.
"Nice to meet you, Piotr. I'm Jean." Jean said.
"Hi. I'm Kitty." Kitty greeted.
"Pryvet, Kitty." Piotr said.
"And I am Ororo." Ororo said.
"Pryvet." Piotr greeted.
"So, vhat can you do?" Kurt asked.
"Glad you asked, drug." Piotr said. He stood up, and a sound of clanging metal filled the room. His skin seemed to turn into plates of armor. It appeared almost as if he grew at least a foot in height. "Wow! That is amazing!" Kurt exclaimed.
"I need not eat or sleep or ewen so much as breathe in zis form." Piotr said. "I apologize, I never got your name."
"My name is Kurt, but the others call me Nightcrawler." Kurt said.
"Vhy is zat?" Piotr asked. Kurt then ported right behind Piotr. Piotr whipped around and said, "Whoa! Now your gift is vhat is amazing, little drug!"
"Ya, I guess." Kurt said, trying not to brag.
"So, now that we're done with our little 'show-and-tell', let's get to today's training sessions." Logan said as he chewed on his breakfast sandwich.
"Hey! With Piotr and Dr. McCoy here, we have enough for 'Who's Got the Button'!" Ororo said.
In an abandoned warehouse, the girl with the white streak in her hair stood in the center of the room, waiting for something. Then, a large man with an ape-like body launched himself at her. She rolled out of the way just in time. As the ape-man landed, she side kicked him in the ribs. He staggered back, and she knife handed his neck and knocked him out. He dropped to the floor and fell into the sunlight coming through the windows. The light showed the face of Dr. McCoy. Then, his body began to shift and change into a woman with blue, scaly skin. The girl offered her hand to help the blue woman off the ground. "You did a lot better this time, Mom." The girl said. "This time, you made it fifteen seconds." The woman took her hand and stood up. "That is only because I was not using my own abilities, Rogue." The blue woman said. "Had I used this form, you would not have lasted more than five."
"She is ready for the mission, Mystique." A man wearing a red suit and helmet said. "Now, it is time for her to bring us Dr. Henry McCoy."
"Yes, Magneto." They both said.
"All right! Here are the rules!" Xavier said over the intercom. "There will be two teams. Team 1 will be made up of Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, and Jean, and Team 2 will be Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Kitty. The first team to hit the button on the ceiling wins. You cannot hit the button with your powers. You must press it with your hand. Begin!" And the game was on! Cyclops already started strategizing. "Alright! Out of all five of us, I am the only one who cannot hit that button." Cyclops said. "Beast, you'll be climbing the walls. Jean and Angel, you two can fly at the button. And Iceman, you'll slide for it. I'll be covering all of you. Got it?"
"Yeah! Let's do it!" Iceman said. On the other side of the field, Storm began devising a plan. "Kitty, Colossus, and Wolverine, you three will be covering Nightcrawler and I while we will be going for the button." Storm said.
"Good plan!" Colossus said. Without any further planning, Colossus rushed into battle. "You have to admire his enthusiasm." Kitty commented.
"All right! Let's get a-rockin' and a-rollin' and what not!" Wolverine shouted. As quick as lightning, Wolverine's claws shot out and he ran at top speed into combat. Cyclops fired multiple energy shots to keep the opponents from getting too close. Kitty then went out onto the field and made herself into an easy target. "Careful when aiming for Kitty!" Jean said. "She's making an easy target!"
"And there's no such thing as an easy target!" Scott said. He fired a quick beam at Kitty, which went straight through her. "Just as I thought." Scott said. Beast climbed across the ceiling using monkey bars to get to the button, but Nightcrawler ported right in front of him and threw him off balance. Beast fell right to the floor and landed on his hands. Using the momentum fom his fall, he pushed himself back into the air and straight at the button. Then, he was hit by a lightning bolt from Storm and fell on his back. Nightcrawler started crawling toward the button while avoiding eye shots from Cyclops. He was about to press the button when he was yanked from the ceiling by Jean's telekinesis. "Vhat?! Hey!" Nightcrawler yelled.
"Now, Angel!" Jean shouted. Angel flew at the button at top speed, but Nightcrawler ported from the air to Angel, grabbed onto him, and then ported both of them away from the button. Then, Storm flew straight up and pushed the button. The buzzer went off to indicate the end of the match. "Very good team work and utilization of your abilities, everyone!" Xavier said. "Who's ready for their classes?"
After the daily classes, Hank sat in the classroom and was preparing tomorrow's classes. Then, he got a call on his cell phone. "Hello?" He answered.
"Hank, it's Bruce." The caller said. "I need your help. It's an emergency."
"I'll be right there!"
Dr. McCoy left the campus while on the phone with his friend, Dr. Banner. "Bruce! Calm down!" He said. "Now, tell me. When exactly did this happen?" Then, McCoy could hear some men in the background on the other end. "Hello, Dr. Banner?" One voice asked. "I am Emil Blonsky. I'm going to need you to come with us." Beast couldn't tell what happened next, but he knew there was some kind of struggle, with a lot of yelling and a lot of gunfire. The next thing he heard was Blonsky's voice shouting, "The Hulk is loose! The Hulk is loose!"
"Bruce?! Bruce?!!" McCoy yelled. "No!" He hung up his phone and started running. He took his shoes off and used his ape feet to run faster. Then, out of nowhere, Rogue came out and gave Beast a round kick to the gut. After knocking the wind out of him, she performed a circular hammer fist to the side of his head. "Ah!!" He yelled. "Who are you?!! What do you want?!!" As she began a kick, Beast grabbed her leg with his foot and threw her into a tree. "I may not know who you are, but that won't stop me from knocking you into submission!" Beast yelled. As Rogue struggled back to her feet, she glared at Beast, then smiled. "Now it's time for the gloves to come off!" She yelled. She took off her gloves and balled her hands into fists. Beast jumped at her. This was the exact scenario she had been training for. She rolled away in the nick of time. As he landed, Rogue gave him a side kick to the ribs. As he staggered backward, she knife handed his neck to knock him out. But, once he fell to the ground, he immediately began to recover. So, she touched his face with her bare hands. The pain was overwhelmingly excrutiating. Beast never thought that physical pain that great could never be possible for anyone to feel. And as Beast lost strength, Rogue gained it. After what felt like hours but was only minutes, she finally let go. Beast was completely unconscious. Rogue put her gloves back on and threw Beast over her shoulder. She ran abnomrally fast for carrying a large, ape-like man over her shoulder. She had finally found and captured her prey. All that was left was to deliver it.
As Rogue drew near the warehouse, her strength began to wear off and Beast started waking up. Eventually, she had to put him down. He began to open his eyes. He started moaning and getting up. "Oh, no you don't!" Rogue yelled. She touched his face one more time, knocking him out again and taking just enough strength to get him in the warehouse. She set him down inside and slumped to the ground. "Man! This is tough work!" She said. Then, Magneto and Mystique walked into the room. "I see you have delivered our prize." Magneto said as he stared down at Beast. He used his powers to wrap a few steel beams around Beast to make sure he couldn't escape when he woke up. "This is only the beginning, Rogue." Magneto said. "You have yet to prove your true worth to this team."
"Yes, Magneto." Rogue said.
"With Beast out of the way, there is very little that can stop us." Magneto said. "There is a potential new recruit in Detroit. I need you to go with Quicksilver to retrieve this young mutant." Just as Magneto finished what he was saying, a boy appeared in the shadows. His face was hidden by the darkness. "Remember, this is a test for the both of you. You cannot fail me. Understand?" Magneto asked.
"Yes, Magneto." Rogue said. then, the boy walked into the light, revealing his face. "Yes, Magneto." The boy said. Just then, Beast opened his eyes. The first thing that caught his attention was the young man called Quicksilver. He knew this boy by name. In fact, he once went to try and enroll him in Xavier's school. Out of surprise, Beast exclaimed, "Pietro?!"

To Be Continued...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

X-Men, Season 1: Episode 1, Stray Kitty

Jean could see everything clearly. It was like she was watching it all from the sky. She could see a girl being laughed at and made fun of in a school hallway. The other students were calling her names like "freak", and "mutant". She tried to run away from them. "Stop it!" She shouted. "I'm not a mutant!" Then, Jean woke up. She was sweating and stressed. "It's all right, Jean." Xavier said.
"It was horrible, Professor." She said.
"I know." Xavier replied.
"What was it all about?" Jean asked. "Why would I have a dream like that?"
"Because it was not a dream." Xavier answered. "It was a vision. The girl's name is Kitty Pryde."
"Is she a mutant?" Jean asked.
"Yes. She has the ability to phase through solid matter." Xavier said. "I am sending you and Ororo to offer her a place here. She lives right in town."
"All right. But, why not send Logan and Dr. McCoy?" Jean asked. "They're better suited for stuff like this."
"Because." Xavier began. "She'll have an easier time relating to two teenaged girls rather than two middle-aged men."
"Good point." Jean replied. "First thing after lunch?"
"First thing after your morning shower." Xavier corrected. "She may not last until lunch."
"You see the new guys?" Bobby asked.
"Nah. They haven't woken up yet." Scott answered. They sat at their usual table in the dining hall, eating their breakfast. "I haven't seen 'em either." Bobby said. Scott took a drink of his orange. "Ah! It's warm." Scott said.
"I'm on it." Bobby said as he touched Scott's glass.
"Thanks." Scott said. "Nice and icy cool."
"No problem." Bobby replied.
Kurt woke up and looked at the curtains. He hopped out of bed and jumped at the curtains. He opened them up to let the sun in through the windows. The light filled the whole room. Warren quickly pulled his blanket up over his face. "Dude..." He moaned.
"Come on, pigeon boy!" Kurt exclaimed as he yanked Warren's blanket away. "Rising and shine!" Warren then covered his face with one of his wings. "Five more minutes, man." Warren said.
"Akh! Fine." Kurt agreed. "Suit yourself." Kurt quickly ported out, leaving his black smoke behind. "Nasty!" Warren exclaimed. "That smell is rank!"
Jean and Ororo met each other in the hall. "Hey. Did the Professor tell you about our assignment?" Jean asked.
"Yes." Ororo answered.
"All right. Let's clean up and head out." Jean started heading toward the bathroom.
"I need no shower." Ororo laughed.
"Um, it may not be a good idea to clean yourself outside in the rain." Jean said. "You'll really want a shower."
"Oh. All right." Ororo agreed. "If it will make you feel better."
"Believe me, it will." Jean said. They began walking down the hall when they saw a young, blue devil-boy walking in their direction. "Um, hi." Jean said. "Are you one of the new students that came in last night?"
"Ya." He answered. "My name is Kurt Wagner."
"Hello, Kurt." Jean said. "I'm Jean Grey, and this is Ororo Munroe."
"You may call me 'Storm'." Ororo greeted.
"Hello." Kurt replied. "I have qvestion."
"What do you need?" Jean asked.
"Um, vhere is da breakfast table?" Kurt asked.
"You'll need to go back the way you came, take a left at the third intersection and just keep going straight and you'll hit the kitchen." Jean said.
"There sure are a lot of halls in this place." Kurt said.
"Yeah. I got really confused on my first day." Jean said.
"I am still learning this mansion." Ororo added.
"Vell, it vas nice to meet you and donka." Kurt said as he ran off toward the kitchen.
"You're welcome." Jean replied.
Just as Scott and Bobby finished up their breakfast, Kurt walked into the kitchen. "Um, hello." Kurt said.
"Hi." Bobby replied. "You one of the new guys?"
"Ya. I am Kurt Wagner." Kurt answered.
"Hiya, Kurt. I'm Bobby." Bobby said. "But, you can call me 'Iceman'."
"My name is Scott." Scott said. "But, everyone calls me 'Cyclops'." Then, Warren walked into the kitchen. "Vell, good morning, Sleeping Birdy." Kurt joked. "How did you find your vay over here?"
"I bothered to take the map of the mansion they gave us in the room." Warren answered as he held up the map.
"Oh. Vhoopsie tulips." Kurt said.
"I think you mean 'whoopsie daisy'." Scott corrected.
"Oh, ya. Sorry." Kurt said. "I'm still new to American expressions."
"That's all right." Bobby said. "Where are you from, by the way?"
"Oh. I am from Munich." Kurt answered.
"Russia. Nice." Bobby said.
"Germany, actually." Scott corrected.
"Very good, Scott." Kurt said. "But, that's all right, Bobby. It is a common mistake."
"Really?" Bobby asked.
"Nein." Kurt answered. Then, Jean and Ororo walked in, got some Pop-Tarts for a quick breakfast, said a quick good-bye, and went into town. "I wonder where they're going." Scott said.
"They are going to find a mutant who may need our help." Xavier said as he rolled into the room.
"Good morning, Professor." Scott greeted.
"So, why Jean and Storm instead of Wolverine and Beast?" Bobby asked.
"This one needs a little more of a gentler touch." Xavier answered. "Besides, it's good training for future assignments." Then, Logan walked in the room. All of the students suddenly fell silent... except Kurt. He walked right up to Logan and said, "Hello. I am Kurt Wagner. Vhat is your name?" Logan looked straight at him. "I'm headed into the parlor." Scott said.
"I'll join you." Bobby added. Suddenly, they walked out of the kitchen. Logan continued staring at Kurt. Kurt began feeling uncomfortable and little frightened. "Name's Logan." He finally grumbled.
"Nice to meet you, Logan." Kurt exclaimed. "So, are you a student here?"
"Firstly: No, I'm not." Logan began. "Second: I ain't much of a morning person, so you may wanna lay off the questions 'til later, fuzzy."
"All right. I can vait." Kurt agreed. Logan grabbed some frozen breakfast sandwiches from the freezer and threw them in the microwave. 'Any dreams last night?' Xavier thought.
'Yeah.' Logan thought back.
'Would you like to have a session?' Xavier asked.
'Maybe later.' Logan answered. 'It's still too fresh in my head.'
'Very well.' Xavier agreed. 'Just let me know when you're ready.'
'Will do, Chuck.' Logan finished. The microwave beeped and Logan got his food and left the kitchen. "So. Who's ready for a quick training session in the Danger Room?" Xavier suggested.
Kitty ran as fast and as long as she could. She left the school and ran into town. She tried to find a place where no one would find. She ran into an alley and hid behind a dumpster. She slumped to the ground and began to cry. 'What am I going to do?' She thought. 'I can't go home. My parents will hate me.'
"What's the matter, kid?" A boy asked her.
"Whoa!" Kitty exclaimed. "Where did you come from?"
"Doesn't matter." The boy said. "So, you gonna answer my question?"
"It's just... I can do things that most people in this town wouldn't understand." She said.
"You're a mutant?" The boy asked.
"I don't know." Kitty said. "This is all so confusing."
"It doesn't have to be." The boy said.
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"Get away from her, Pietro!" Some one yelled from the street.
"Back off, Grey!" Pietro yelled back.
"What's going on?!" Kitty asked. Jean then ran into the alley, prepared to engage Pietro in battle. Suddenly, Pietro was gone with a gust of wind. Jean looked over at Kitty. "Hello, Kitty." Jean said. "My name is Jean."
"What do you want from me?" Kitty asked.
"I don't want anything." Jean said. "I'm here to offer you something."
"What?" Kitty asked.
"I'm here to tell you that you are not alone." Jean said. "I'm here to give you a place to stay and be safe. I understand completely what you are going through. I was scared, too"
"How could you understand me?" Kitty asked. Suddenly, the dumpster began to shake. Then, it lifted off the ground and high into the air. "This is my gift." Jean said. "I can move things with my mind and I can also hear people's thoughts." She set the dumpster down and offered Kitty her hand to help her up. Kitty tried reaching for her hand, but she couldn't grab hold. Every time she tried to take Jean's hand, she would phase right through. "So, that's your gift?" Jean asked.
"Gift? More like a curse." Kitty corrected.
"Come on. Let's try one more time." Jean said. Kitty reached out and finally managed to grab her by the hand. Jean helped her up off the ground. "Come on. My friend is waiting near the car." Jean said.
Jean, Ororo, and Kitty pulled into the mansion's garage. "Come now." Ororo said. "They've likely begun today's training."
"Training?" Kitty asked.
"Yes. This is a place where we can practice our gifts in secret." Jean said.
"Why would we want to practice them?" Kitty asked. "We're freaks because of this."
"No, we're not freaks." Jean said. "We're just different."
"Yeah. Freakishly different." Kitty added.
"Come on. I don't want to miss watching the new students." Ororo said. The three of them walked into the mansion and headed toward the Danger Room.
The entire room was filled with smoke. No one could see anything from the observation room. Then, a red beam of light shot from the middle of the foggy blob and cleared some of the air. "Bobby! Can you see anything?" Scott asked.
"No! The fog's too thick!" Bobby replied.
"Man!" Scott exclaimed. "I wish Warren was a part of this session!"
"Well, hurry up and try to clear this fog before he finds our scent!" Bobby said.
"Too late!" Logan said through the fog. His claws come out first. Bobby made a quick barricade of ice and they ducked behind it. Scott fired a few quick blasts before Logan jumped over the little ice wall and landed behind them. "Say 'buh-bye', Ice Statue!" Logan said. Then, Bobby froze Logan solid in a giant block of ice and said, "Buh-bye, Ice Statue." A buzzer went off, signaling the end of the match. "Very good, Bobby." Xavier said over the intercom. "Your speed is improving greatly."
"Thanks, Professor." Bobby said.
"Now, let's see if Scott can't get Logan out of that ice." Xavier suggested.
"Sure thing, Professor." Scott said.
"Wow!" Kitty exclaimed. "That was amazing!"
"Ah, Kitty." Xavier said as he turned around to see the three girls standing in the doorway. "I thought I heard you back there."
"How do you know my name?" Kitty asked.
"That is my ability." Xavier said.
"You know people's names?" Kitty asked.
"No, no." Xavier corrected. "I mean, I can enter your mind."
"That's kind of invasive." Kitty remarked.
"Yes, it is. That's why I only search for necessary information." Xavier said. "Your name, for example."
"Professor Xavier never accesses private thoughts without our permission." Jean said. Then, Kurt ported into the room. Kitty screamed. "Oh my!" Kurt exclaimed. "I'm sorry to have scared you. So, Professor. Should Warren and I--" Then, he got a good look at Kitty. Not even Xavier could tell what ran through his mind at that point, but it sounded like he was playing the song "Earth Angel" in German.
"Kurt, I believe you had a question for me." Xavier said, getting Kurt's attention.
"Ya. I'm sorry." Kurt said. "Are Warren and I up for the next session?"
"Yes." Xavier answered. "I believe it is time for you two to have your very first training session."
"All right!" Kurt yelled excitedly. "I'll go tell Warren!" Then, as quickly as he came, Kurt was gone with nothing but black smoke left in his place. "Eww!" Kitty exclaimed. "What's that nasty smell?"
"Kurt's black smog leaves a foul odor of burning sulfur." Xavier said. "Jean. Ororo. Why don't you show Kitty to her new room?"
"Ok. Right this way, Kitty." Jean said. "You'll be sharing a room with Ororo." The three girls left the room. 'All right boys. Are you ready?' Xavier thought.
'More zan ever!' Kurt thought. Xavier could hear the excitement in Kurt's head. 'And Warren?' Xavier continued.
'Yeah. Let's just do this thing, Prof.' Warren thought.
"All right, then." Xavier said. "Danger Room set to 'Angels & Demons 1'."
In an old, dark abandoned warehouse, a group of people met in secret. There was a tall man in the red suit and red helmet. "Bring forth the new recruit." He ordered. A woman with blue, scaly skin brought a young girl forward. Her hair was brown with a white streak in it and wore black boots and a very dark, green shirt. "Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to locate, apprehend, and deliver to me Dr. Henry McCoy." The man in red said. "Do you accept this mission?" She looked up at this man with a dark smile and said, "I accept."

To Be Continued...